Attractive | Durable | Lightweight | Easy install

The idea for ELECLIP Interior Systems was born like all ideas, out of necessity

The necessity for a simple, lightweight, complete interior panel system that’s quick and easy to install. The team at CONCEPT ELEVATOR GROUP, an ISO9001 certified company that’s also a member of the NAEC, has created this system to fill that need.
This is a system that is designed for elevator cab refurbishments as well as for new cab installations. Its simple design is both easy to order and easier to install. ELECLIP was designed so each piece guides you to the next one. There are no complex drawings to follow or intricate parts to assemble. We’ve taken all the guesswork out of installation.

Attractive - Durable - Light weight

Fast Quote

Fastest turnaround time on selected products like ceilings, handrails, panels, cab packages etc.

Design Options

Laminate designs from metal, stone, wood grain and other abstract variations.

Easy Steps

Transform an entire existing cab to new, within hours using specialized installers and the Eleclip patented technology.

Safety Procedures

Safety is our main priority while installing and manufacturing any of the Eleclip models into an existing cabs.

Choose Your Package


The Executive package combines horizontal panels below the handrail with vertical panels above.


A unique arrangement of horizontal panels that span the width and depth of your cab interior.


The Manhattan package is an arrangement of vertical panel separated by a mid panel.


The Imperial package utilizes vertical panels above a ventilated base with a ventilated frieze.

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